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What You Look When Choosing a Family-Friendly Hotel for Your Holiday
What You Look When Choosing a Family-Friendly Hotel for Your Holiday
8 May 2024
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When planning a family holiday, selecting the right hotel can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone. Here are some key features to consider when choosing a family-friendly hotel for your holiday:


Selecting your destination is the initial and crucial step in planning a family holiday. While virtually any location worldwide can promise an enriching experience for parents traveling with kids or extended families vacationing together, some destinations stand out as particularly ideal. Dubai family holiday package, for instance, boast an unparalleled array of attractions and a wide selection of hotels, from thrilling theme parks and waterparks to extravagant malls and sumptuous buffet banquets. Thailand family holidays offer excellent value for those seeking serene beach getaways in secure locales, especially in tranquil resorts like Khao Lak or the more secluded beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui.
Florida holidays emerge as a hotspot for family fun with its abundance of attractions, including over a dozen theme parks, the renowned Kennedy Space Center, and the majestic Everglades. For those seeking wildlife adventures, South and East Africa or the dense jungles of Borneo beckon with unforgettable experiences. A holiday in Mauritius provides an enticing blend of secluded escape and adventurous exploration amidst its stunning island setting.
If you're in pursuit of a hassle-free, all-inclusive retreat catering to the entire family, Mexico and the Caribbean present unbeatable options.

Kenya Big 5 Safari & Mombasa Beach Stay

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Map Location IconKenya & Mombasa
  • Calendar Icon01 Apr - 30 Oct 2024
  • Self Catring IconFull Board
  • Flight Iconfrom London

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9 nights
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Ensuring a private space for relaxation and access to the right amenities for a restful night's sleep are essential components for maximizing everyone's enjoyment during a family holiday. Therefore, securing the appropriate accommodation is paramount.
Many family rooms are designed with the assumption that children will sleep on temporary beds or converted sofas, often resulting in shared spaces for adults and children alike. While opting for such arrangements may seem cost-effective, investing a bit more to book an apartment with multiple bedrooms or a suite featuring separate living areas can provide unmatched convenience and freedom.
In larger hotels, the option of interconnecting rooms strikes a perfect balance between security and privacy. While their availability cannot always be guaranteed, it's worth inquiring about during booking. In destinations like the USA, selecting a full house or villa allows you to bring the comforts of home with you.
For those planning motorhome holidays, a popular choice for exploring destinations like Australia, New Zealand, or Canada, consider booking a vehicle larger than your minimum requirements. The additional space will prove invaluable, paying dividends in comfort and convenience after just a few days on the road.
When it comes to selecting your family hotel, carefully considering what's included in your rates is crucial. Opting for an all-inclusive package might align with your preferred holiday style or offer added convenience when traveling with kids. Having every meal arranged and included can alleviate stress, especially considering the multitude of factors to juggle and diverse needs to accommodate.
However, if you prefer flexibility and enjoy exploring local restaurants, a more ala carte approach might be preferable. Nonetheless, when choosing an all-inclusive option, ensure that the included restaurants and their menus cater to your children's tastes and dietary requirements. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying extra to satisfy everyone's culinary preferences, defeating the purpose of opting for an all-inclusive package.
We've all perused the enticing descriptions of dining options at our favorite luxury family hotels, imagining the delectable meals awaiting us. While selecting a hotel with an appealing culinary scene is undoubtedly desirable, different priorities come into play when traveling with children.
Considerations such as the availability of casual dining outlets offering kids' menus or simpler meal options become paramount. Is there a spacious and welcoming dining area for relaxed family meals? Can you rely on 24-hour room service for essentials like chicken nuggets? Alternatively, would your family benefit from having a room equipped with its own kitchen, allowing you to prepare meals and snacks at your convenience?
All of these factors should be carefully considered when selecting a family-friendly hotel, ensuring that your dining experiences during your stay cater to the needs and preferences of every member of your family.
A successful family holiday hinges on two key elements: shared pursuits that the whole family can enjoy together and activities that cater to both adults and kids separately. When considering your hotel options, it's crucial to examine the sports and leisure facilities to ensure they offer opportunities for family bonding, such as swimming together, engaging in mini-golf competitions, or organizing a lively game of beach volleyball.
Look for hotels with dedicated family or kids' pools, providing younger guests with a safe space to splash and play without worrying about disturbing adults seeking tranquility. On the flip side, kids' clubs offering engaging and educational activities tailored to different age groups, or babysitting services for infants, afford everyone the freedom to relax and unwind in their own way.
For families with children who prefer screen time over sandy beaches, many modern hotels provide supervised games rooms and play lounges where youngsters can enjoy some indoor entertainment. Keep in mind that while some properties include these services and facilities in their rates, others may charge extra, so be sure to review the details before making your decision.
By considering these key features, you can ensure that your family holiday is filled with fun, relaxation, and cherished memories for everyone involved.

Hilton Rose Hall Jamaica

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Map Location IconJamaica
  • Calendar Icon01 May - 31 May 2024
  • Self Catring IconAll Inclusive
  • Flight Iconfrom London

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