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Flights & Information
Upgrading your flight

Choosing a preferred seat, or preferring two adjacent seats, may not always be possible flights are often full. However, at theflightsguru.co.uk, we offer upgrade options to meet your preferences. Call our travel specialist for more information.

Flight seat requests

We have no control over seat allocation, so we recommend that you check – in early to secure seat requests – especially if you are travelling in economy class.

Direct flights

Direct flights fly direct from the departure airport to the destination airport, though on occasion such flights stop tore – fuel.

Smoking on flights

Smoking is prohibited on almost all flights. Please contact the airline directly for more information.

Re-confirming return/onward flights.

At times you may be asked to re-confirm return/onward flight. Such instructions, if requested, will be on the front or back of your invoice or on your travel documents. Thus, it is entirely your responsibility to do so and Flights Guru shall not be liable for any additional costs incurred due to failure to re – confirm the flight.

Special requests

If you have any special request such as a specific dietary requirement, we will try our best to ensure that your requirements are passed on to either the airline or hotel, but we cannot guarantee if your preferred choices will be met.

Ticket dispatch and travel documents

Tickets are dispatched 7 days before departure. If you book late or make late payments, then your ticket may be handed over to you at the airport on the day of departure. We recommend you closely monitor flight timings.

Airline ticket refunds

We at Flights Guru strive to get you the best flight deal so in the case of a ticket refund we need to send your request to the airline. They will assess the refund type due, and this may involves administration and cancellation charges as per the terms and conditions. 
Ticket refunds may take up to 12 weeks and in some cases may take longer. The refund will be made as per your original payment, but in case of a cash transaction, a cheque will be issued. If you are considering returning your ticket which is more than one year old from the date of issue, then that ticket is automatically considered expired by the airline and hence has nil refund value. 
Flights Guru charges £25/ticket as an administration fee above the cancellation charges.

Ticket lost/stolen

Where a ticket is lost or stolen, most airlines do not issue a duplicate ticket and you will be required to purchase a new one. If the airline does show any intent of refund, then it may take up to 18 months for this process to be agreed and completed.

Local Currency

In many countries you may be charged departure taxes. Please note in such cases you should keep some local currency and bear in mind the basic nature of the exchange rates which can fluctuate.


Our travel specialists will give you information on all the necessary pre-paid taxes.


We recommend that you take out travel insurance. Please get in touch with our travel specialists for more details.

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