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  • Passport

    The Flights Guru provides advice to British and Irish passport holders only. An important factor to consider is to make sure that your passport’s validity is good enough as much as at least 6 months validity even after arriving back to UK.

    The Home Office, from the 5th Oct, 1998, requires that children under 16 years travel on their own passports.

  • Visa

    It is your responsibility to obtain visa. An important aspect to keep in mind is that the cost, methodology, and time for visa processing vary considerably in different countries. Hence, we recommend that you contact the concerned Embassy directly for the most updated and authentic information.

  • Health

    As the recommended inoculations for travel may change at any time, it is recommended that you consider the health requirements of your visiting destination mentioned in the Department of Health book: “The Traveler’s Guide to Health”—available by contacting 0800555777. You may also consult your doctor for current recommendations.

  • Safety

    Visiting a new country brings new experience. But we recommend that you stay vigilant in your endeavor abroad whether you are simply touring, holidaying, or visiting.

    At our end, we are constantly trying to meet your standards both in health and safety. But we cannot guarantee that the services provided by the third parties will meet your 100% standards. Therefore, we recommend you to take reasonable precautionary measures before you end up taking services offered by third parties.

    Also, for security and safety reason Foreign Office may advice not to visit a certain country and in such a case we would abide by that advice. We further recommend that you do not carry expensive items or wear expensive jewelry when travelling to your destination. Taking such a precaution would avoid drawing attention.

  • ATOL Protection

    ATOL is a national scheme operated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Not all travel companies are ATOL protected and The Flights Guru is ATOL protected. It primarily ensures your peace of mind by confirming that your money is not wasted. For detailed information visit:



  • Choosing your holiday

    We are happy to serve you. So in case you have any sort of difficulty or confusion regarding choosing your holiday destination, simply consider calling us. You may also refer to internet (though information on internet may not be 100% authentic), tourist office, and library for more information.

  • Hotel standards

    Hotel standards may vary according to different countries and even within one city. A certain rating hotel of the similar standard might not provide similar experience. Therefore, we recommend you to contact the concerned hotel directly or refer to the facilities/information section available on the pertaining hotel’s website.

  • Dress code

    Wearing elegant casual clothes, both men and women, should always be your preferred choice of clothes. Hotels are not strict over dress codes, yet casual elegance is expected in many countries such as in some parts of Asia.

  • Check-in & Check-out time

    The check-in time, on your day of arrival at the hotel, for most hotels is around 3 pm and the check-out is between 11 am and 12 noon.

  • Booking a room for early arrival or late departure, (also consider the previous point)

    If you wish to book a room for an early arrival or late departure—it can happen at the time of booking at cost no greater than an extra night’s stay.

  • All-inclusive

    All inclusive generally means that all meals, local drinks (during bar hours), and day and evening activities at your hotel are covered. But services, facilities, and meals may vary among different countries. Such as an extra charge on imported alcoholic drinks or machine games. Also, in all-inclusive packages beer is usually served draught and not bottled, local wine in glass, and carbonated drinks on tap.

  • Alcohol

    Alcoholic licensing laws vary among different countries. Hence, you may be under-age for drinking alcoholic beverage in a certain country. Also, alcoholic beverages are not served in some countries during certain religious festivals and in that case the hotel will not be able to serve you alcoholic beverages.

    To be sure, we recommend that you carry with you your identity proof so that you can prove your age when demanded. Certain countries are very strict on alcohol drinking laws and may even go the extent of denying you alcohol even if you look under-age.

    Remember that you cannot carry alcohol with you in car; though you may carry along if it is locked in the boot of your car.

  • Children on holiday

    The guest is liable to pay for any extra charges such as for a baby cot and food at the hotel. In flight as well, there is not entitlement for a separate seat for a baby; though international flights do allow one infant per adult.

    We recommend that children under 10 years avoid going to holidays on tours which are either coach ones or escorted ones. The primary reason is that some destinations lack efficient child care and medical facilities for young children. But you may discuss your requirements with us and we will be glad to advice you.

  • Holiday Seasons

    At Flights Guru, we provide services all year long. But we would like to mention that some destinations have off-peak periods where in you may be able to enjoy extra personal attention from the hotel and staff and that too at lower prices. For any such facility and planning, simply call our travel specialist.

  • Public holidays

    There are many holidays, seasons, and festivals during which you may not be able to enjoy all the entertainment facilities at your chosen destination. Thus, we suggest you to refer either internet or tourist office for information on such holidays and seasons and book your dates accordingly.

  • Meals

    We recommend that you have your meals through ala carte menu if you would require a special diet such as all vegetarian food as ‘meals’ generally do not offer such options or variety. ‘Meals’ if included are based upon on the table d’hote menus (a multi-course menu with few choices chargeable), and meal vouchers. Generally, ‘meals’ commence on the day of arrival and end half board with breakfast or full board with lunch on the day of departure.



  • Upgrading your flight

    Choosing a preferred seat or preferring seats adjacent may not be possible every time as seats in flights are often full. But at Flights Guru, we offer upgrade options to meet your preferences. Call our travel specialist for more information.

  • Flight seat requests

    We have no control over allocation of seats. Thus, we recommend that you check-in early to avail seat requests especially if you are traveling by the economy class.

  • Direct flights

    These are flights that do not change aircraft during the journey. Though such flights may make stops such as for re-fuelling.

  • Smoking on flights

    Smoking is prohibited in almost all the flights. If you still want to check more about the smoking provision, you may contact the airline directly.

  • Re-confirming return/onward flights

    At times you may be asked to re-confirm return/onward flight. Such instructions, if mentioned, will be on either front or back of you invoice or on your travel documents. Thus, it is entirely your responsibility to do so and Flights Guru shall not be liable for any additional cost incurred due to failure to re-confirm the flight.

  • Special requests

    If you have any special request such as: on preferred food etc, we will try our best to ensure that your requirements are passed on to either the airline or hotel. But we cannot guarantee if your preferred choices will be met.

  • Ticket dispatch and travel documents

    Ticket is dispatched 7 days before departure. If you book late or make late payments, then your ticket may be handed over to you at the airport on the day of departure. We recommend you to closely note and eye your flight timings.

  • Airline ticket refunds

    We at Flights Guru get you the best from the airlines. Thus in case of ticket refund we have to send your request to the airline for an assessment—based on which we refund your money whether that is partly or involves administration and cancellation charges as per the terms and conditions. Ticket refund happens in about 12 weeks of time and in some cases may take longer. The refund happens as per your mode of original payment. But in case of a cash transaction, a cheque is issued. If you are considering returning your ticket which is more than one year old from the date of issue, then that ticket is automatically considered expired by the airline and hence has nil refund value. Flights Guru charges £25/ticket as administration fee above the cancellation charges.

  • Ticket lost/stolen

    In a case where a ticket is lost or stolen, most of the airlines do not issue a duplicate ticket and you will be required to purchase a new one. If the airline does show any intent of refund, then it may take up to 18 months for the refund to happen or we receive any such authority to do so.

  • Local Currency

    In many countries you may be charged departure taxes. So it will be convenient for you to keep local currency in such cases. Keep in mind the basic nature of exchange rates—which keep fluctuating.

  • Taxes

    Our travel specialist will guide over all the necessary pre-paid taxes.

  • Insurance

    We recommend that you have travel insurance. Please get in touch with our travel specialist for more details.




    It is a digitization age and e-tickets are the talk now. An e-ticket, stands for electronic ticket, is as almost good as a paper ticket issued by an airline. It will have all the necessary details such as the itinerary and reservation details.

    Benefit: On the day of departure, all you would require to ensure is that: (a.) you carry a printed copy of the confirmation email sent by us at your email id and (b.) your valid passport. And you are done. The airline will match the details and issue you the boarding pass

    Best thing, you do not have to worry about losing your ticket.


    After your booking is confirmed, you will receive the ticket within 4 working days. To receive the ticket at your mailing address within United Kingdom, you would need to ensure that you are present at your mailing address at the time of delivery. We will either send the ticket via a registered mail or courier—hence we will give you a tentative idea about the date/time of ticket delivery.

    In case you are not present at your mailing address at the time of ticket delivery and nobody else is assigned by you to receive, then you will be required to visit local depot. The information about the local depot will be provided to you via a delivery card left at your mailing address.

    *In case you have a departure day within 7 days of a confirmed booking, then you will receive your ticket no later than 24 hours.


    The whole process is easy. This is how it works.

    a. Your booking is complete after you have submitted your credit card details.

    b. Flights Guru will send you a confirmation email shortly—which will have the price of your ticket and a unique reference number.

    c. The unique reference number is your booking order identification. You will need to use it every time you connect with us or for any other information.

    *In case you do not receive a confirmation email, or any information, from us within a day’s time, then please get in touch with us. A reason of delay might be that your ticket is not yet confirmed.


    Changes in your travel itinerary can happen. For that you would need to connect with us and provide us with your changes, in written. We do not confirm whether your changes will be implemented, but we will try our utmost best to make the amendments.

    You may be required to pay an amendment fee as per the terms and conditions of the airline or hotel. Please keep in mind that we at no stage will be responsible for any such charges put upon us by the airline or hotel and you will have to borne any such charges.

    Also, please keep in mind that certain amendments cannot happen and in some cases such amendments may lead to up to 100% cancellation charges.


    You will need to connect with us for any cancellation requests. Cancellations can only happen prior to your departure of flight and must be communicated to us in written.

    You will find all the terms and conditions for cancellation mentioned in the confirmation email send by us to you. Unless mentioned stately, all the tickets issued are non-refundable and non endorsable.

    *In case you do not make payment to us within 72 hours of booking, your ticket will be cancelled automatically. You will need to make a fresh booking with us.


    Flights Guru is ATOL protected. ATOL is a national scheme operated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Not all travel companies are ATOL protected. It primarily ensures your peace of mind by confirming that your money is not wasted. For detailed information visit:


    The Flights Guru provides advice to British and Irish passport holders only. An important factor to consider is to make sure that your passport’s validity is good enough as much as at least 6 months validity even after arriving back to UK.

    The Home Office, from the 5th Oct, 1998, requires that children under 16 years travel on their own passports.


    You can either collect information about baggage allowance with us or airline directly. Keep in mind that every airline has its own set of rules and regulations for baggage allowances.